Custom-made items: Terms of Service

Terms of Service:

Booking of consultation:

  1. Bookings only via email and confirmed with a meeting request via Gmail/Google Calendar.
  2. No Whatsapps or phone calls or communication via social media will be considered as booking confirmation 
  3. Cancellation of consultation within 24 hours of consultation requires a cancellation fee of R150-00


  1. Measurements taken at the consultation will be taken as the final measurements for the making of the garment - weight-gain or any alterations related to such will require a full payment for a new garment and your previous deposit will be voided and non-refundable.
  2. Client signature required on measurement sheet


  1. Fabric is agreed upon at the measurement consultation and any changes in fabric will result in extra charges (please note that different fabrics require different labour intensity and will affect the price)
  2. Once fabric is bought and the client wants to change the fabric, the cost of new fabric will be incurred by the client
  3. Lace and any appliqué will be charged, additionally, as hand-work


  1. Hand-work is any work on the garment that has to be completed or attached by hand
  2. Lace appliqué or any beading will be charged at an extra rate of R250 per hour or R250 per square 30cm piece.
  3. The design and layout of the appliqué will be confirmed by the 2nd fitting and will require a signature upon approval 
  4. Changes to handwork will be charged at an additional rate (unpicking or remaking of the bodice/area where changes need to be made due unpicking)
  5. In relation to point 4: the client will be liable to cover costs of new fabric and labour needed to make these changes

Damages during fittings:

  1. During fittings, if applicable, you will be told that the garment is fragile and breakable
  2. If damages occur during fittings due to client’s negligence, additional charges will be made according to the damages made and the costs needed to repair it
  3. None of these will be allowed during fittings:
  • Make-up
  • Self-tan
  • Freshly painted/manicured or pedicured nails
  • No jewellery
  • No lotions or oil on your skin


  1. Please be punctual - fittings are scheduled per 30min to 1 hour slots
  2. Late arrivals will result in consultation being shortened fit the remainder of the time-slot
  3. If you forget about or miss a scheduled appointment, you will be charged an additional R50
  4. Changes that need to be made need to be settled in 2nd last fitting. Any alterations after the final fitting will be charged to the client. The final fitting is only to see the final garment on your body.
  5. Bring along your shoes (for floor-length dresses) and wear the correct underwear that you intend on wearing on the day as it does make a difference to the outcome of the dress on your body.
  6. These are the average amounts of fittings per garments:
  • Stretchwear/daywear: 1-2 fittings
  • Matric dances: 4-6 fittings
  • Wedding dresses: 6-8 fittings

Communication with The Shopaholic:

  1. No phone calls or WhatsApp (or any type of social media communication) will be allowed - ONLY via email
  2. For garments where the wearer is not paying  (e.g: parent and child etc.) I ultimately listen to the paying party - being on the same page is a essential for pleasant experience together 
  3. Meetings/fittings or any talk of the garment will be addressed only at the premises:

The Shopaholic

17 Cabernet Road

Saxenburg Business Park 1

Kuils River


4. Communication hours are 9am-5pm on business days via email only

5. Any personal messages via social media or whatsapp regarding your garment will not be responded to, unless otherwise arranged, as phones get lost or messages get deleted. Email is the safest and most secure means of communication.

6. No walk-ins will be attended to unless an appointment is made

The finished garment:

  1. The wearer or the person who has paid for the garment, must collect the garment on collection day and the wearer must be present for the final fitting.
  2. Collection will take place a minimum of 5 days prior to the event where the garment is needed
  3. Collection within the 5-day period before the event, where the garment is needed, will require a holding-fee of R200 
  4. Collections at the premises only: no meet-ups or personal deliveries, unless otherwise arranged. (Matric dance and wedding usually include assistance with dressing on the day of the event)
  5. After collection, the garment is no longer the responsibility The Shopaholic or Tarynne Keown
  6. Any damages to the garment will be the clients responsibility: repair of such will be charged extra
  7. No refunds (partial or full)

In the event of a disagreement resulting in any defamation of The Shopaholic or Tarynne Keown’s character on social media, you will be prosecuted in a court of law.