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Dresses & Rompers


We love you for loving local

Here to listen

"I genuinely think I speak for every plus-size girl who's ever purchased from The Shopaholic, but your sizing is EVERYTHING. It's so refreshing to have a brand where the sizes make sense. Where you buy a large and it fits well and there's still room...I just want you to know that I appreciate not only how hip you guys are, not only the amazing quality, but the sizing as well! You're doing amazingly <3"

Jodi Fredericks

"Thank you so much, I am absolutely obsessed!!!! The feel, the quality everything!!!! Thank You :)"

Robyn Grootboom

"All my items that I've gotten from you guys are all so amazing! I can't stop shopping ;)

Thanks again."

Amber King Henriques

"Honestly so happy with how this dress looked and felt! And blown away by how easy and fast the whole process of ordering went! Thank you very much...definitely looking forward to ordering something again soon"

Daniella Teixeira

"Obsessed thank you so much! ...I called yesterday and asked about it [the top] and the guy was so helpful he bumped up my delivery to get it quicker

your customer service is absolutely amazing!!!!!?"

Sayla Dean

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